"It's true. We don't build bridges. We don't raise buildings. We don't make engines. We do not paint pictures except as amateurs for our own amusement. There is little of what we do that the human eye can see. We, however, smooth out the difficulties; we ease the tensions; we correct mistakes. We take on the burdens of other men and with our efforts we make possible the peaceful life of men in a peaceful state ”.

John W. Davis
speech at the Bar Association of New York, March 16, 1946

"Remember that brevity and clarity are the two qualities that the judge loves most in the lawyer's speech"
(Piero Calamandrei, "In praise of the judges written by a lawyer", 1954)


In the criminal field it is of fundamental importance to have a professional qualified professional at his side who, at the same time, is able to listen to and fully understand the history and discomfort of his client. Therefore, my maximum commitment is so that the trust that the client has placed in me can be maintained and increased over time.
The study provides assistance in civil law, both substantive and procedural, offering loyalty and transparency in the relationship with the client. We guarantee accurate study of every single issue and promptness in the answers through the identification of the best defensive strategy to reach the resolution of today's increasingly complex legal problems.
In many cases, with a serious professional and prepared by your side, personal and legal problems can be solved without resorting to judicial authority, with significant savings in terms of time, costs and quality of life.

who  I'm

S.are passionate and expert in criminal procedure, in particular in the means of proof, in the search for evidence and in examination and counter-examination techniques. I have acquired and developed, through study and numerous training courses, the ability to negotiate and mediate for the resolution of conflicts. My firm provides technical defense to suspects, accused and offended persons for crimes against the person, against property, responsibility in the health field and corporate crimes, making use, where necessary, of external technical consultants. Particular attention and care is dedicated to the defense of minors, victims of sexual crimes, crimes against the family and stalking.
Judicial assistance is carried out before all the judiciary, including the Court of Cassation.
Relationships with my clients are based on trust and loyalty.
My main motivation is the gratification of the people who come to my studio for the results achieved following a job well done.
In addition to participating, as a speaker, in numerous seminars and conferences for continuous professional updates, I organize training events and round tables on the topics of greatest interest.
I participated in the organization of the First National Advocacy Day held in Milan on May 19, 2017 which saw the participation of over 500 Italian lawyers.
I was in charge of the Criminal Department of the Forensic Movement, Milan section, from 2016 to 2019.
Elected as delegate of the Milan Bar Association at the XXXIV National Forensic Congress (Catania 4-6 October 2018 and Rome 5-6 April 2019).
Member of the commission for the practical assessment of the Milan Bar Association since 2008.
Member of the scientific committee and then of the "communication and social" team of Fronte verso network since 2018.
Member of the Youth Commission of the Milan AOC since June 2019.
Professional mediator at the Humanitarian Society Body since July 2019.
Adjunct Professor at SSML PM LORIA since September 2019.
Law firm owner since 2005.
Founder and President of the Professional Speakers association


I deal with the defense of the accused of a crime or of the person offended by it, in the preliminary and procedural stages, as well as during the execution of the sentence.

There are several areas of criminal law in which the firm has developed particular expertise :.

  • Protection of victims from crime
  • Crimes against the person and against the assets
  • IT crimes
  • Corporate and commercial criminal law
  • Legal protection in the field of medical or health professional faults
  • Protection of consumer and personality rights
  • Simple bankruptcy
  • Fraudulent bankruptcy
  • Tax evasion
  • Industrial counterfeiting
  • Fraudulent insolvency
  • Tax evasion
  • Drafting lawsuit and complaint
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    The study, with regard to civil law, has acquired specific expertise in the areas listed below:

    • Family law, separations and divorces
    • Compensation for damages for medical liability
    • Credit recovery
    • Contracts
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      The study provides assistance in extrajudicial field for the drafting of contracts, for the stipulation of agreements of various nature and for the settlement of disputes




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        "Being proud without being proud, and humble together without being servile"
        Piero Calamandrei

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        “The client said in choosing the defender:« Eloquent and cunning: excellent lawyer »!
        The judge said in blaming him: "Big talker and trickster: bad lawyer!"
        "Piero Calamandrei"
        "What do you mean" great lawyer "? It means a lawyer useful for judges to help them decide according to justice, useful for the client to help him assert his reasons. Useful is that lawyer who speaks strictly necessary, who writes clearly and concisely, who does not clutter the hearing with his intrusive personality, who does not bore the judges with his prolixity and does not put them into suspicion with his subtlety: just the opposite, therefore, of what some public understands by "great lawyer". (Piero Calamandrei, "In praise of the judges written by a lawyer", 1954)




        Office hours

        Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 7.00pm
        Saturday: closed (You only receive by appointment)

        Where am I

        Via Podgora, 10 -20122 - Milan
        Phone: 02.59902066, Fax: 02.36695382
        Email: avv.mariafurfaro@studiolegalefurfaro.it