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The Istanbul Convention

The Istanbul Convention is the first international legally binding instrument creating a comprehensive legal framework to protect women against all forms of violence.

But what does it predict?

predicts the fight against all forms of physical and psychological violence against women, from rape to stalking, from forced marriages to genital mutilation and the commitment to prevention at all levels, eliminating all forms of discrimination and promoting "real equality between the sexes , strengthening the autonomy and self-determination of women”.
Among the objectives of the Treaty there is also that of preparing "a global framework of policies and measures for protection and assistance in favor of all victims of violence against women and domestic violence". To “promote international cooperation”. To “support and assist law enforcement organizations and authorities so that they can collaborate effectively”.
The countries signing the Convention "take the necessary legislative and other measures to promote and protect the right of all individuals, and especially women, to live free from violence, both in public and private life", and "condemn any form of discrimination against women", adopting legislative and other measures necessary to prevent it, inserting the principle of equality between the sexes into the Constitution and other legal systems, guaranteeing "the effective application of the principle", providing for sanctions, repealing the laws and practices that discriminate against women.
The Convention provides that the signatory States establish "one or more official bodies responsible for the coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and measures aimed at preventing and combating all forms of violence".

I believe we need a cultural revolution that starts from the family and continues in the schools.

It is necessary to educate to sentiment, to make people understand that THERE ARE NO PREVALENCES OF ONE GENDER OVER THE OTHER but only differences related to the physique and a few other elements.

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