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Mobbing and harassment in the company

With great pleasure I accepted the invitation to participate in this interesting webinar organized by #Convenia with excellent speakers.

My speech will focus on the possible types of crime in cases of mobbing, straining, harassment and violence.

  •  Inexistence of a "crime of mobbing", conduct of the mobber as a criminal case
  • Harassment, violence, mobbing, mistreatment in authority relationships
  •  Private violence, injuries, attempted extortion
  •  Jurisprudential cases and evolutionary guidelines

The delicate procedural position of the victim, the isolation, the peculiarities of the cases.

#TThree March 2021

We are waiting for you!Convenia_Mobbing and harassment in the company

 Download the Form Convenia_Mobbing-and-harassment-in-company.pdf (1769 downloads )


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