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Femicide is… when she says enough and he kills her!


I thank the Lions Club of Cassano D'Adda and in particular the friend and colleague Imma Sannino for the invitation to the beautiful event on the subject of violence against women.
Very nice the preparation of the stage and the artistic exhibition.
The vacancy reserved for the victims always leaves the lump and makes you think.
We all have responsibilities and we all have to participate in the necessary cultural revolution to ensure that the new generations grow up "healthy".
It's important that they know that there isn't one gender that prevails over the other but beautiful differences due to emotionality and physique.
These meetings also serve to highlight law enforcement issues.
The "red code" as it is does not work.
For example, in large cities, where there are too many cases, the Public Prosecutor's Office is unable to hear from all the victims within 3 days of reporting, as required by the aforementioned law.
So what happens?
That being all on the same level (in red code) it is not clear who really has the urgency to be taken away from that house. If the husband has one or more weapons in the house, if he has already threatened her with death, if he has already grabbed her by the neck, if he is drug addicted/alcoholic/unemployed, the risk factor is very high… these are more urgent situations than others!
Therefore, the red code that considers them all the same does not work.
It is a criticism of the law, not of the police who apply it.

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