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Withdrawal of the driving license for those who use mobile phones and not only ...

By the end of the year the new 2020 highway code will be approved and will come into force with many new features on fines, specifically for those who use a mobile phone or any other technological device while driving, cyclists, access to motorways for motorcyclists etc.

The text of the reform is under discussion in the Chamber, which should concern:

1) no smoking in the car for the driver;

2) raising the speed limits to 150km / h in some motorway sections;

3) close on the use of mobile phones while driving.

4) the obligation for the driver to check whether the passenger has a seat belt fastened, in fact the new Highway Code also provides for a fine for the driver in case of non-use of the seat belt by the passenger. The same goes for the motorcycle driver if the passenger does not wear a helmet.

5) Fines and 2-point curtailment of the license for those who park or stop in the charging spaces of electric vehicles.

6) pink car parks for pregnant women or women accompanied by children under the age of two.

But what are the penalties envisaged by the new 2020 CdS for those who use mobile phones?

suspension of the driving license from 7 to 30 days while it increases from 1 to 3 months in case of relapse, i.e. if the second violation occurs during the two years following the first fine.

the fine goes from a minimum of 161 euros to 422 euros and from a maximum of 467 euros to 1,697 euros with the suspension of the driving license from 7 days to two months.

On the second violation in the course of a two-year period, a fine from 644 to 2,588 euros is triggered and to the doubling of the deduction of the license points, from 5 to 10.

seizure of the smartphone in case of accidents due to text messages or phone calls.

The penalties are foreseen not only for those who speak on the phone, but for anyone who uses electronic devices also for messages or to surf the internet.

There are also restrictions on driving for novice drivers.

In particular: from the achievement of the category A2, A, B1 and B driving license, it is not allowed to exceed:

- 100 km / h on the highway;

- 90 km / h on main suburban roads.

Furthermore, holders of category B driving licenses are not allowed to drive vehicles with a specific power, referred to the tare, higher than 55 kW / t in the first year of issue.

It will be possible to receive the fine via PEC for the driver who has one.

The obligation to present a driving license and booklet during an inspection will be abolished, given that these documents can now be checked electronically.

What do you think, friends?

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