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Relational crimes in the digital age

What can I say except THANK YOU!!!

On 19 February 2020, the Municipality of Milan sponsored, together with the Order of Journalists of Lombardy, the first training event of the Professional Speakers Association.

It was a huge success beyond all expectations.

Therefore, I say:

Many thanks to my wonderful speakers who kept the audience glued to their seats for over 4 hours (without a break) with tragically current topics and useful advice.

Many thanks to the Friends of Lawyers and Journalists present in both rooms made available by the Municipality… it was a pleasure to see you again!

Many thanks to the many Friends of the other Associations who have called and/or written to me to wish good luck for this splendid event and for the birth of the Professional Speakers Association.

Thanks to Mediaset who, in addition to the crew who interviewed us, sent 3 managers of the campaign against bullying which is currently on air.

I also thank the director of the International New Cinema Festival,
Dr. Luigi Colombo.

I am moved and happy for your affection.

It is an incentive to always do more and better.

Thank you!









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