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Carminati and the hoax of the fourth king of Rome. Here is the ordinance

A few days after the publication of the sentence that "without denying that there may be mafia-type criminal phenomena in the Rome area" notes that "the probative results have led to denying the existence of a mafia-type criminal association", Massimo Carminati is released from prison due to the expiry of the pre-trial detention terms.

There are principles of law which, if the conditions are met, apply. Point. Regardless of who the prisoner is and all lawyers know this, except our Minister.

Send inspectors for “scarry out investigations regarding the release di Carminati” seems to me an attitude of intimidation towards the judiciary.

It has already happened due to some releases due to serious illness and it will happen again. Perhaps on the justicialist wave of this government the terms of pre-trial detention will increase. Maybe?

Obviously it was enough to open a code to understand that everything is in order but here we want to "manipulate" the people trying to increase their consensus ...

Carminati ordinanza_Flatten
Carminati-ordinanza_Flatten.pdf (805 downloads )

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