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The dark side of the network: drugs, weapons, torture but also murders.

An investigation called "delirium" began last October which led to the investigation of 25 people (19 minors and 6 adults) residing in 13 Italian provinces on charges of dissemination and possession of child pornography and instigation to commit a crime.

Numerous minors (at least 20) have been investigated for a horror chat that was blocked a few days ago by the Postal Police.

They shared gruesome, child pornography and racist images.

Unfortunately, the hidden part of the internet (Deep web) boasts an increasing number of users.

We access the web through search engines (eg Google) which, however, do not index all the websites available but, it seems, only 2 billion of the nearly 550 billion available.

Traditional search engines index the CD Surface Web, the surface web, easily accessible to all. The rest of the contents, on the other hand, refer to sites accessible after a login or created at the moment by the servers during a user's navigation. This is the cd Deep web, or submerged web.

A portion of this network can only be accessed through specific software such as the browser "Tor" (The Onion Router)

The TOR network was created in the 1990s in US Navy laboratories.
This is the dark web (the dark web).
Actually a very small space of the deep web.
It is believed (but this is a very rough estimate) to contain no more than 100,000 sites, which is probably less than 0.005% of the size of the entire World Wide Web.
The Dark Web, therefore, is the most hidden and least accessible part of the Deep Web.

But, exactly, what is it about?
It is an unprotected, unsafe, anonymous place, exploited to carry out illegal activities.

In practice, by exploiting the anonymity of buyers and sellers, weapons and drugs are also marketed.
But not only.

Lots of pictures circulating.gore», images of torture, which were the subject of the chat of the minors of Lucca. These are videos and images depicting suicides, mutilations, quarterings and beheadings of people, in some cases of animals, shared for payment or for the sole pleasure of watching them.
Users are even allowed to interact live in a context of violence and, by paying in cryptocurrencies, it is possible to request particular abuses of children subjected to sexual violence and torture by adult perpetrators.

Amputations are practiced but, as the torture progresses, it even leads to the death of children. These "live" broadcasts have a considerable cost: in fact, you pay less to see the recorded images.

These terrible images are then downloaded and shared via WhatsApp by many very young people. Just as happens with child pornography or "revenge porn" images.

Telegram seems to be full of them: this is because it protects the anonymity of users.

The investigators report that according to the investigations that led to the complaint of two 17-year-old Piedmontese who allegedly participated in the violence, the secret "online" places, defined as 'red rooms', would actually be “probably in Southeast Asia”. 

This horror was ascertained by the Carabinieri of Siena who identified the two minors, a boy and a girl residing in Piedmont and reported for child pornography and incitement to crime.

But how do users interact?

They can, for example, ask the torturers to amputate an arm or pour boiling oil over the body of the abused child.

"The 'live' requests have very significant costs and ensure very high profits for foreign organizations that carry out such inhumane acts", explain the investigators.
The investigation by the carabinieri of the investigative nucleus of the provincial command of Siena, with the coordination of the Florence prosecutor's office, started from the complaint of a mother. This act had given rise to several searches and seizures of tablets, computers and telephones, USB sticks and smartphones.
But that is not all.

Computer viruses and login credentials for millions of hacked accounts around the world are also sold on the "dark web".

But how are they sold?

Of course, not by bank transfer or credit card!

You pay in bitcoin or other digital currency that allows you to protect the anonymity of the buyer and buyer.

The most expensive credentials are, of course, the banking ones. The ATM passwords follow shortly after, and finally the PayPal credentials.

What is missing, in my opinion, is thedigital education.
The boys know how to use the tools from a technical point of view but they have not understood in the least that it is a lethal weapon. They don't know how to evaluate the consequences.
And parents should exercise greater control, supervise, educate and correct behavior.

Kids can't defend themselves against the pitfalls of the web.
In particular, they should assist children under 13 in navigation and limit the time of use of IT tools. Select video game content according to the recommended age and avoid using it in the bedroom.
Explain that it is dangerous to share personal information (school attended, location, phone number) and pictures of others without consent. But above all, they should lead by example and put down the phone when communicating with them, when driving or at the table.

Even the school must do its part even though not all teachers possess the technical and legal knowledge to manage this type of problem.

Digital education and constant attention are the only way…

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