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The story of Aldo Scardella. Victim of "evil justice"

On 2 July 1986, Aldo Scardella, the victim of a sensational judicial error, commits suicide in prison.

At the time of his arrest, which took place on December 29, 1985, he was 24 years old and was studying Economics and Commerce in Cagliari.

On the evening of December 23, 1985, the owner, Giovanni Battista Pinna, was killed in the Bevimarket, a supermarket specializing in the sale of soft drinks.

During the closing operations of the box several shots were fired against him.

It seems that the robbers were two or three and that, covered by balaclavas, they fled right in the direction of a road that could lead to the street where Aldo Scardella lived.

Investigated because one of the balaclavas used during the robbery was found in a communal garden near the building where he lived, he was subsequently arrested.

Nevertheless, the search had given a negative result. A similar result had also been given by the report on the balaclava found, which was in no way associated with the accused, nor by the paraffin glove test. There was practically no evidence.

Scardella was interrogated and arrested for the following reasons: "there are sufficient indications of guilt against the accused to be able to affirm that Aldo Scardella is guilty". 

At first he was imprisoned in the Buoncammino prison in Cagliari, then he was transferred, in solitary confinement, to the Oristano prison.

The relatives for several days, apparently ten, were kept in the dark about the locality to which he had been taken and for seven days he was denied a fundamental right: he was prevented from appointing a lawyer.

During his detention period, monitored 24 hours a day, he never had the opportunity to meet his defender, while his family saw him for the first time in four months, on 10 April 1986, when he was transferred back to the Cagliari prison.

In solitary confinement he had no possibility of contact with other detainees.

Psychologically reduced to exhaustion, Scardella was found dead by hanging in his cell on July 2, 1986, after 185 days of imprisonment. He had always declared himself innocent and left a farewell note: “I ask your forgiveness, if I find myself in this situation I owe it only to myself, I have decided to end it. Forgive me for the trouble I've caused. I die innocent. "

The results of the autopsy revealed the presence of methadone in the body of the deceased, despite the fact that the medical records of the prison did not prescribe any therapy for him. Moreover, he had never hired him before his arrest. In addition, the autopsy report included dosages and quantities of a non-existent methadone therapy.

The pressure of public opinion on the murder of Giovanni Battista Pinna was decisive for continuing to investigate, also because the story of Enzo Tortora had occurred in conjunction with the events in Cagliari. So 10 years later, in 1996, the matter was resolved thanks to the testimony of a collaborator of justice.

In 2002 two men, part of the "Is Mirrionis gang", were definitively convicted for the murder of Giovanni Battista Pinna.

Enzo Tortora, also a victim of "evil justice", dealt with the case of Scardella and went to pay homage on his grave.

On that occasion he said: “I deeply understand what prompted him to kill himself. It was the desperation, the pain of an unjust accusation ”.

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