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The appeal to the Supreme Court not divided into paragraphs is inadmissible

The appeal to the Court of Cassation must be divided into as many paragraphs as the reasons for the complaint, otherwise it will be declared inadmissible due to lack of specificity.

This is what was established with the sentence n. 38676/2019 filed with the Chancellery on 19 September.

The Judges, referring to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Court of Cassation and the National Forensic Council established in 2015, established that if not divided into paragraphs, the reasons for the appeal tend to overlap each other, which makes the appeal non-specific and therefore invalid.

In effect, a confusing formulation would subvert the role of the Cassation, called to express itself only on formal issues and not to interpret the text.

I think the paragraphing helps us too.

It can be useful for organizing a reasonable speech.

Therefore, in order to avoid rejection due to confusion of reasons, let's try to be clear, concise and orderly!

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