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YouPol, the free app of the Police against bullying and drug dealing

Since 2017 there has been a new way of talking between young people and the institutions: it's called YouPol.

It is a free application prepared by the State Police and downloadable from the smartphone store.

It allows you to send reports (images and texts) regarding bullying and drug episodes.

These reports do not replace complaints but will allow investigations to be launched.

Moreover, they allow the sender to be geolocated and allow the location of the events to be known in real time should the subject find himself in a moment of need and should request the intervention of the Authorities.

After an initial phase in which the application was only operational in major cities, reports of bullying or drug dealing can now be made from all over Italy.

In the first year of use (when it was still used only in Rome, Milan and Catania) there were more than 118,000 downloads, 1,152 cases of bullying and 2,132 reports of drug use.

I think it's a very useful app, in step with the times and that can involve and empower young people.

I also want to remind you of the toll-free number against bullying: 800 66 96 96

We don't leave our boys alone … maximum attention!

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