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1st level Master in investigative criminology

The first level master's degree in investigative criminology is based on the deepening of topics of great interest in the sector.

Institutional and basic topics such as criminal law, forensic medicine, criminal sociology, forensic and investigative criminology will be analyzed together with more topical contents such as investigative psychology and domestic violence.

150 hours in the best equipped laboratory in Italy

The master's degree is above all practical. In fact, postgraduates will be able to verify and try out the analysis techniques first-hand in the most advanced studio in Italy, always supported by tutors who will guide them to better understand the sophisticated techniques of investigative analysis.

An experimentation-oriented master's degree.

150 hours of real practice.

It will take place from January 2020 to October 2020. The final exams will be discussed in November 2020.

It will consist of a total of 1500 hours (divided between lectures, laboratories and internships) conferring 60 CFU.

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